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Houdini Exposing Spiritualism

Here are some photos, newspaper articles
and other materials documenting Houdini's
challenges to mediums and spiritualism.

Houdini vs. the Spiritualists

The death of Houdini's mother focused his attention on the thriving business
of spirit mediumship, or the contacting of the dead. Whether Houdini was
genuinely outraged at the victimization of the bereaved, or whether he
simply saw an opportunity to capitalize on public interest, Houdini spent
the last 13 years of his life in a highly publicized battle with the
spiritualists. Using his knowledge of illusion, Houdini was able to
duplicate the ghostly apparitions, noises and mysterious levitations
produced by the working mediums and their "spirits". His "exposures" became
so popular with his audiences that they took up more than a third of his
regular program. Coached by the famous psychic Anna Eva Fay, Houdini
cleverly became, in his way, the most famous "spiritualist" of all.
In 1926, he testified at Hearings on Fortune Telling held in the House
of Representatives before the Subcommittee on Judiciary of the District
of Columbia. Houdini's book, A Magician Among the Spirits, was published
two years earlier. In this work he exposed many of the prominent mediums
of his time.

Houdini with pro-spiritualist Sir Arthur Connan Doyle
Houdini & Bess w/ Oscar Teale exposing slate writing fraud
Houdini & Bess - slate writing fraud
Houdini Duplicates a "Spirit" Photograph - 1
Houdini Duplicates a "Spirit" Photograph - 2
Houdini Duplicates a "Spirit" Photograph - 3
Houdini Duplicates a "Spirit" Photograph - 4
Houdini Duplicates a "Spirit" Photograph - 5
Houdini with Exposed Medium Pecoraro
Houdini with Spiritualist Margery
Spiritualist/Medium Margery
Margery Conducting a Seance
Margery in Box (restricts her movements)
Below Link to TheHistoryNet.com - explains Houdini vs. Margery
"The Medium and the Magician"
Sir Authur Connon Doyle Supports Margery
Houdini Threatens to Sue Doyle
Houdini's $5,000 Challenge to Margery
Houdini Explaining Margery's Box - 1
Houdini Explaining Margery's Box - 2
Houdini Disguiesd Himself at Seances
Ad for Houdini's Exposure Show - 1
Ad for Houdini's Exposure Show - 2
Ad for Houdini's Exposure Show - 3
Hippodrome Review of Houdini's Spiritualism Exposure
Houdini offers $10,000 in HPC Stock to any Legitimate Medium
Scientific American Mag. Denies Margery its Prize
Children attending Houdini Spiritualism Exposure
Headline Proclaims Houdini's Spiritualism Exposure
Houdini Letter - Spiritualism Challenge
Houdini Letter - Spiritualism
Houdini Testifying for Congressional Committee
Houdini with Senator Capper

Houdini Haunted Houses?

Both Houdini's New York and Los Angeles homes were said to be haunted by his ghostly spirit. The New York townhouse still stands at 278 W. 113th Street (it was recently offered for sale); Houdini's "HH" initials are set in mosaic tile on the bathroom floor. His Los Angeles home burned many years after his death, but the site is still rumored to be visited by ghostly apparitions.

The Houdini Seances

For ten years, Bess presided over annual well-publicized seances held on October 31, the anniversary of Houdini's death. Though she stopped participating in 1938, a Halloween has not passed without an official Houdini seance.

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