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The Great Houdini
Presented by London Theater Works

"The Great Houdini" photos were provided to
HoudiniTribute.com by Mr. Alan London.
He is Executive Producer and story writer for
for the "The Great Houdini" theater production
which ran April 22nd thru May 30th, 1999,
at the Stella Adler Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

Photos from "The Great Houdini".

Bentley In True Houdini Fashion
Houdini Loading Bess in Sub Trunk
Houdini and Mother Cecilia
Handyman Jim Collins with Milk Can
Houdini and Sir Arthur Connan Doyle
Houdini and Boy
Houdini and Hayman
Seance with Spiritualist Margery (center)

Jim Bentley as Houdini Jim Bentley as Houdini Jim Bentley as Houdini

These photos are of Mr. Jim Bentley as Houdini.

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