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Houdini Historical Center
Houdini Historical Center

Radio Broadcast of History of Houdini - Excellent!

Interesting article by wife of MD that attended Houdini near-death

Houdini Museum

Info on Houdini's first flight in Australia

Martinka & Co.
Visit FindaDeath.com - a contributor to HoudiniTribute.com

McGill University item regarding Houdini's death

Going to Vegas? See Dixie Dooley's Houdini Show!!! Rare Houdini Photo's, too!

Interview with Houdini at age 30.

Martinka & Co.
Martinka & Co. (Museum of Magic)

Bill Brehm's Houdini Connection

David Copperfield contributes to restoration of Houdini's vandalized grave

Interesting Houdini Page

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The Miracle Mongers, An Expose'


The Detroit News - Houdini Page

The New York Times - Houdini Obituary

Mick Hanzlik


Patrick Cullition - Houdini
Visit the site of actor, author and Houdini aficionado
Patrick Culliton, who prizes a $310,000 Houdini collection!

all magic guide



The Magic Circle, London

Ian McColl - Locksmith who duplicates
Houdini's Handcuffs

Yossi's Handcuff Collection

More Houdini Info




Another slant on Houdini's death

John LeBlanc

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