Houdini Quiz

1) What was the name of Houdini's mother?
a) Ruth
b) Sophia
c) Cecilia
d) Eunice

3) In what city was Houdini born?
a) New York, NY
b) Budapest, Hungary
c) Paris, France
d) Appleton, WI

5) Which of the following was NOT one of Houdini's nicknames?
a) Eric the Great
b) King of Cards
c) King of Handcuffs
d) King of Illusions

7) In what city did Houdini first perform his "Milk Can Escape"?
a) New York, NY
b) Milwaukee, WI
c) St. Louis, MO
d) Scranton, PA

9) What is the name of the fraud medium that Houdini exposed?
a) Maureen
b) Margery
c) Monica
d) Gypsy
2) Houdini spent his childhood in what city?
a) Scranton, PA
b) Boston, MA
c) Appleton, WI
d) New York, NY

4) Houdini was the first to fly an airplane in what country?
a) Austria
b) Austrailia
c) Germany
d) France

6) What was the name of Houdini's wife?
a) Bess
b) Betty
c) Henrietta
d) Monica

8) Which magician purchased most of Houdini's books and artifacts?
a) Harry Kellar
b) Harry Blackstone
c) Jonathan Pendragon
d) David Copperfield

10) Who fooled Houdini?
a) Dai Vernon
b) Chung Ling Soo
c) Harry Kellar
d) Harry Blackstone

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