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Houdini's Other Accomplishments

Houdini is credited with the invention or unique improvement of a number of important illusions (the Strait Jacket Escape, Walking Through a Brick Wall, Metamorphosis, Buried Alive, the Hindu Needle Trick, the Chinese Water Torture Cell and the Milk Can Escape). He also owned the Martinka magic shop in New York City for a short while (saving it from bankruptcy); he would spend days on end sitting in the shop, autographing and selling his books to eager magic fans. He was also president of the Society of American Magicians for the year 1923-4.

In 1910, he purchased a Voisin biplane in Germany. He had the plane dismantled and shipped to Australia, where he planned an extended tour. His plane was the first flown in Australia, and he was the first to pilot a plane there. Interestingly, he taught himself how to drive a car during that time, so that he could get out to the airfield. After his Australian tour, Houdini abandoned the plane and coincidentally, also never drove again.

Houdini Portrait
Houdini with Mysterious Look
Houdini Portrait - Signed - 1
Houdini Portrait - Signed - 2
Houdini Portrait - Signed - 3
Next photo contributed by Lisa A. Alibrandi
Houdini Portrait - Signed - 4
Houdini - first to fly in Australia
Houdini - first to fly in Australia - signed
Houdini flies 1
Houdini flies 2
Houdini flies 3
Houdini flies 4
Houdini flies 5
Houdini in Cockpit - Close-up
Houdini's First Flight Trophy

Next 2 photos contributed by our Australian friend Ian McColl
Magic Made Easy-1898
First Flight - Diggers Rest Monument 2

Next 12 photos are from the John Bushey Collection.
Magic Made Easy-1898
America's Sensational Perplexor-1904
The Famous Houdini-1906
Houdini - 1907-8
Life and Adventures of Houdini 1908
Life History and Handcuff Secrets of Houdini-1908
Mein Training Mein Tricks, 1909, German "Handcuff Secrets"
Handcuff Tricks Exposed, revised 1911 edition
Life History and Handcuff Secrets of Houdini, revised 1914 edition
Life History and Handcuff Secrets of Houdini, revised 1914 edition
"Puzzles" book, 1919, ads promoting "THE MAN FROM BEYOND"
Yar the Primieval Man, 1921, 16 pages (synopsis for movie)

Houdini with an eagle
Houdini King of Cards poster
Houdini Driving Martin Beck, & Bess
Houdini driving 1
Houdini driving 2, Munich, Germany
Houdini with Magician Harry Kellar
Houdini with Magician Ching Ling Foo - 1
Houdini with Magician Ching Ling Foo - 2
Houdini 1
Houdini 2
Houdini 3
Houdini 4
Houdini 5
Houdini 6
Houdini 7
Houdini 8
Houdini 9
Houdini 10
Houdini 11
Houdini 12
Houdini 13
Houdini 14
Houdini 15
Houdini 16
Houdini 17
Houdini with girl on pony
Houdini and Brother Theo (Hardeen) - 1
Houdini and Brother Theo (Hardeen) - 2
Houdini and Brother Theo (Hardeen) - 3
Houdini's Brother Theo (Hardeen) 21 yrs
Houdini With All of His Brothers (Leo, Theo (Hardeen), Houdini, Bill, Nat)
Houdini Holding his Infant Niece Marie Hinson Blood
Houdini With his Niece Marie Hinson Blood
Houdini in Paper Hoop
Houdini and his Manager
Houdini Interviewing Ira Davenport
Houdini and Magician Harry Kellar - 1
Houdini and Magician Harry Kellar - 2
Houdini and Magician Howard Thurston
Houdini Visiting Robert Heller's Grave
Houdini with Microphone
Houdini and Members of S.A.M.
Houdini at Empire Theater
Houdini on a Ship
Houdini with Charlie Chaplin
Houdini with Teddy Roosevelt 1
Houdini with Teddy Roosevelt 2
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