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Available directly from the Houdini Family

The historical interest and intrigue in Houdini has resulted in a large number of requests from magicians and private collectors to purchase replicas of Houdiniana. As a result of this interest, the Houdini family has agreed to offer high-quality certified replicas of Houdiniana for sale. The originals will remain in the Houdini family collection.

Each replica from the Houdini family collection is required to have a Certificate of Authenticity seal. Replicas are embossed or stamped with the Houdini family emblem and original mark certifying it is direct from the family of Harry Houdini. The replicas are historical and unique reproductions. They are being sold to serious collectors for investment and to the general public who have an interest in Houdini. These replicas make excellent gifts for collectors and people interested in magic and/or Houdini. All replicas are suitable for framing.

Quantity discounts offered below.

BK# 1) Replica of 8 x 10 B & W Photo of Houdini Portrait with Antique Gold Border, Replica has Houdini's signature on the bottom, $6.00

BK# 2) Replica of testimonials certifying Houdini's feats as jail breaker and handcuff king, October 13, 1902, $6.00

BK# 3) Replica of admission pass to witness Houdini's test to remain submerged over one hour in an airtight casket on 8/5/1926. Signed by Houdini, $6.00

BK# 4) Replica of 8 x 10, B & W Glossy of Houdini preparing to enter casket on 8/5/1926, $6.00

BK# 5) Replica of Houdini's blank check with personalized profile engraving, $6.00

BK# 6) Replica of Houdini's bookplate with personalized profile engraving, $6.00

BK# 7) Replica of 4/24/1922 stock certificate for 5 shares stock in Houdini Picture Corp., $6.00

BK# 8) Replica of Nov. 17th Leap into the Mississippi River Challenge,$6.00

BK# 9) Replica of 4/12/1907 Wooden Packing Case Challenge, $6.00

BK# 10) Replica of 10/12/1911 Rope Rigging Challenge, $6.00

BK# 11) Replica of 1/16/1914 Strait Jacket Challenge, $6.00

BK# 12) Replica of 5/26/1920 Wooden Packing Case Challenge, $6.00

BK# 13) Replica of 9/26/1924 Strait Jacket Challenge, $6.00

BK# 14) Replica - Enjoy Houdini's favorite dessert "Bread Pudding" recipe, 1 pg, 60 cents

BK# 15) Replica - Enjoy Houdini's "Chicken Paprika" dinner recipe, 1 page, 60 cents

BK# 16) Replica of 4 x 6, B & W Photo of Houdini profile used on many publicity items and personalized engravings, $6.00

BK# 17) Replica - Glossy 8 x 10, B & W Photo of Houdini holding his niece Marie H. Blood when she was 4 years old. $15.00 (Note: This replica not eligible for special $5 quantity discount - sorry)

BK# 18) Replica - Glossy 8 x 10, B & W Photo of Marie H. Blood with Houdini's Fire Globe silk change illusion, $6.00

BK# 19) Replica of 1903 Booklet "America's Sensational Perplexer", 12 pages, an accurate account of Houdini's time spent abroad from 1900 through 1903, written by Harry Houdini $8.00

BK# 20) Replica of 1921 Booklet "Mysterious Mr. Yu", 6 pages, Haldane of the Secret Service, an original story, written by Harry Houdini, $6.00

BK# 21) Replica of 1924 Booklet "Yar, The Primeval Man", 12 pages, an original story, written by Harry Houdini, $8.00

BK# 22) Replica of Houdini Souvenir Program sold at his performances. 16 pages. Contains much historical information about Houdini. BONUS ADDED - Special 4 page jacket, (Best Item Overall) $11.00 (Note: This replica not eligible for special $5 quantity discount - sorry)

Houdini Postcards: 75 cents each:
BK# 23 A) "The Master Mystery" starring Houdini 1919. 75 cents

BK# 23 B) Houdini Poster Portrait 1911. 75 cents

BK# 23 C) Harry "Handcuff" Houdini 1911. 75 cents

BK# 23 D) Houdini with Police 1908. 75 cents

BK# 23 E) Houdini Formal Portrait. 75 cents

BK# 23 F) Houdini: Konig der Eisernen Fesseln (King of Iron Locks). 75 cents

BK# 23 G) Houdini with Broken Chains. 75 cents

BK# 23 H) Houdini in Germany locked in leg and ankle cuffs 1904. 75 cents

BK# 23 I) Houdini manacled to a ladder. 75 cents

BK# 23 J) Milk Can Challenge used by Houdini 1908. 75 cents

BK# 23 K) "The Man from Beyond" starring Houdini 1922. 75 cents

BK# 24) Replica of Certificate of Authenticity Certifying Marie H. Blood Autograph, $4.00

QUANTITY DISCOUNT!! Buy any three (3) items costing $6.00 or $8.00 each, your price will be discounted to $5.00 each. Do not need to buy three (3) of the same item for quantity discount. (Note: Items 17 & 22 not included in quantity discount)

COMPLETE SET SPECIAL!!! Our most frequent request is the charge for one of each replica available -- SPECIAL PRICE FOR "FAMILY SET" (OVER $170 VALUE!) IS $110.00, postage and handling is included in this special low price.

Orders and payment (including postage and handling charge) should be mailed to:
Houdini Family
P.O. Box 26953
Rochester, NY 14626

For Inquiries E-mail Houdinifamily@aol.com

Please print shipping information clearly including: Name, Address, City, State, Country, Zip , Email address, and phone number (optional).

Payment options:
Personal checks welcomed, will ship after check clears, approx. 3 - 4 weeks Bank Drafts or Money Orders will ship in 1 week. Should be payable to: Houdini Family. Sorry - No Credit Cards or Cash.

Up       to $10.00  add  $ 2.50
$10.01 to $20.00  add  $ 3.00
$20.01 to $40.00  add  $ 3.50
$40.01 to $60.00  add  $ 4.00
$60.01 to $80.00  add  $ 4.50
Over        $80.00  add  $ 5.00

NOTE: IF ORDER TOTAL BEFORE POSTAGE AND HANDLING FEE IS $50.00 OR MORE,10% DISCOUNT ALLOWED ON TOTAL ORDER! (Note: Complete set special price of $110 not subject to this additional 10% discount)

Feel free to print this email for your order form. Indicate quantities desired next to each description and the cost for each, total the order, take discounts if eligible, add postage and handling, indicate shipping information and include payment.


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