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This is a collection of photos/scans of Houdini-related items aka Houdiniana.
Many autographs and handwritten notes are found here, too.

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Thanks to Doug Edwards for contributing the next 6 copies
of photos from his own, huge personal Houdini collection.
Below the photos is information on his book,
"Doug Edwards Packs A Wallop!" written by Harry Lorayne.
Thanks Doug...
Houdini's Deathbed Pajama Pocket
Houdini and Bess signed
Houdini signed - 1
Houdini signed - 2
Houdini signed - 3
Houdini signed - 4
Doug Edwards Packs a Wallop!
Doug Edwards' Narrative

Randy and Paige Hood sent the following photo and story...
I have just purchased some stained glass doors from a home in Laurel Canyon, California.
As the guy was taking them out of the house, the old lady next door came up to him and asked him if he knew the
history of the doors. He said, no, and she proceeded to tell him that the doors originally came from Harry Houdini's
house after he died, and they sold off the items from his estate. The original owner of the house in California had
purchased these and had the living room designed around them in the 20' or 30's.

Houdini's Stained Glass Doors?

Read a book written by Houdini... Thanks to Brett Fishburne and Project Gutenberg which is a non-profit,
volunteer organization which puts books that are no longer
under copyright onto the internet for people to download for free. ...

The Miracle Mongers, An Expose'

Thanks to Wes "Falcinator" Wyzykowski for this scan of his own Houdini painting...
Houdini Painting

Thanks to Michael Heavener for the next photo...
(located at 7001 Hollywood Boulevard)

Houdini's Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame - color

Thanks to William "Wild Bill" Cutter for obtaining the next photo...
Houdini's Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame - B/W

Thanks to Mick Hanzlik for obtaining the next photo...
Houdini's Chair Paul Daniels Photo
Check signed by Houdini
Houdini on a One Dollar Bill
Houdini-signed S.A.M. Card - 1
Houdini-signed S.A.M. Card - 2
Houdini Autographs
Ehrich Weiss Autograph - Rare
Houdini's Stationery
Houdini - Postcard from Glasgow, Germany to Sister
Houdini the Aviator - Commemorative Post Card
Houdini - Commemorative Post Card
Houdini Card
Houdini Luggage Tag
Thanks to Michael Redhill for obtaining the next photo...
Houdini Photo w/ Autograph
Houdini, Kellar and Thurston on a Coin
Houdini's Signature - Large
Houdini - Secure Knots Note
Houdini - Hippodrome Note
Houdini - Signature Inside Book - 1
Houdini - Signature Inside Book - 2
Houdini - Signature Inside Book - 3
Deck of Cards w/ Houdini's Photo
Display Featuring one of Houdini's Keys
Thanks to Mick Hanzlik for the next four photos...
Contemporary Houdini Advertisement 1
Contemporary Houdini Advertisement 2
Contemporary Houdini Advertisement 3
Contemporary Houdini Locksmith Van
A Houdini Plate
Houdini "Beer"!
Medal CommemoratingHoudini
Houdini - Handcuff Note
Houdini - Signed Note
Houdini - Signed SAM Application w/ O. Teale
Houdini - Signed SAM Letter
Letter Written by Bess
Houdini's 1926-1927 Souvenir Program (cover)
1974 Coin Commerating 100 Year Anniversary of Houdini's Birthday
Houdini Book - 1
Houdini Book - 2
Houdini Book - 3
Dai Vernon Book
Dai Vernon - "Fooled Houdini"
Sidney Radner - Received Much of Houdini's Hardware from Hardeen

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