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If you're a new fan of Houdini or a "Houdini old-timer", then be sure to visit the Houdini Historical Center's web site.

The Houdini Historical Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to gathering, interpretation, and dissemination of information and artifacts related to the life and career of Harry Houdini. The museum previously hosted the Sidney H. Radner collection of Houdini memorabilia, which was the Center's long-term exhibit, Houdini!. It included Houdini's own posters, lock picks, handcuffs, and strait jackets -- and the actual milk can used in one of Houdini's most daring escapes!

The Houdini Historical Center is located in the Outagamie Museum in Appleton, Wisconsin, is open year-round, and offers annual events including summer magic shows and Halloween with Houdini. A Houdini walking tour map is available at the Center. Many researchers have used the artifacts and archives at the Center, including the Discovery Channel, the Arts and Entertainment Network, the BBC, Wisconsin Public Television, the Learning Channel, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Kenneth Silverman. Since it opened in 1989, the HHC has welcomed visitors from all 50 of the United States, and from over 35 foreign countries.

Please visit their site at http://www.foxvalleyhistory.org/houdini/ and then offer your support by becoming a member or arranging a visit, and help keep the Houdini flame alive!

The Houdini Historical Center also offers Houdini videos, Houdini T-shirts, Houdini posters, a commemorative medallion and other Houdini items. You may request a free copy of their complete catalog, order items by calling (920) 733-8445, ext. 100, or e-mail ochs@foxvalleyhistory.org.

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