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HOUDINI CONTESTS - NOW CLOSED. No more are planned.

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This Contest Ends August 31, 2000 at Midnight EDT

OK, we can't be serious all the time now, can we? Here's an opportunity to have some fun, and maybe even win a free, high-quality replica of Houdini Memorabilia (your choice up to $8.00 retail value). And -- I'll arrange to have it shipped directly to you from the Houdini Family!

In honor of the History Channel's feature on Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell -- our target words for this contest are...



Just find as many occurrences of the target word(s) as you can, located in the word search letter grid above. Target word(s) may appear forward, backwards, upward, downward, diagonal, etc... but always in a straight line. No skipping letters. Target word(s) must be completely spelled out in order to count. Target words may overlap each other. (ie) The same letter may be used more than once.

One entry per household. Previous winners or their households are not eligible to participate for three months. Totals submitted which are greater than the highest possible score are given a score of zero. If you have a printer, you may find it easier to print this page in order to work on it.

To enter:
E-mail your Name, City, State and your Score (total occurrences of target word(s) found) to contest@HoudiniTribute.com before the contest end date. Be sure you receive an e-mail confirmation back from me (usually within two days) indicating I received your entry - otherwise, send it again. Any questions may also be directed to the above e-mail address.

At least one winner will receive a high-quality replica of Houdini memorabilia. In the event of a tie the winner(s) may be decided by a random drawing of entries containing the highest total. The winner(s) will be notified by e-mail and must respond. Winner(s) Name/City will be posted on the corresponding contest page on this site. Judge's decision (that's me) is final - it'll be fair, trust me - I know Houdini's watching!... Bob


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