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Originally Ehrich Weisz American (Hungarian-born) magician;
known for ability to extricate himself from handcuffs, locked and
sealed containers, etc.

To release or extricate oneself from confinement, bonds, or the like,
as by wiggling out.

This photo is one of the first "colorized" photos of Houdini on the internet.
Painstakingly brought to you by Bob King at HoudiniTribute.com
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Houdini signature

Houdini Exhumation - Statement from Houdini Family

March 24th, 2007

Re: Houdini Exhumation
Regarding the proposed plan to exhume the body of Harry Houdini,
relatives of Beatrice (Bess) Houdini are totally against it.

Based on information made available to us over the years, we feel
there is no need to exhume his body. It is our firm belief
that Bess Houdini would never approve of this. The family
believes this is likely being done to promote sales of a recent
book on Harry Houdini suggesting he may have been murdered.

The Houdini family wants to honor the name of Houdini and not
use it for sensationalism that does not honor him. Several
members of Bess Houdini's family are members of the Society
of American Magicians (SAM) and have tried to promote him through
the art of magic that Houdini loved. Bess's relatives were
honored guests at the US Post Office official stamp issuance
held at the Society of American Magician convention held in New
York City on July 3, 2002. Marie Hinson Blood (Houdini's niece)
and David Copperfield were two of the honored speakers. Our
family presence at this event was represented by 14 family members.
We do not know why relatives of Hardeen (Houdini's brother) did
not participate in this event honoring Houdini. The Houdini
family established a youth magic scholarship fund through SAM
when Marie Hinson Blood passed away in November 2004. This
was to honor Houdini, the uncle she loved so much. Marie spent
the last 20 years of her life speaking at magic conventions,
schools and community events of her childhood memories of living
with her aunt and uncle, the famous Houdini's. In 2000 we
established "Houdini Family" DBA to preserve the memories of
Houdini and promote the art of magic.
Jeffrey Blood,
Grand Nephew of Houdini

Houdini Tribute is in complete agreement with the Houdini Family Statement - Bob King

We remember...
the passing of Marie H. Blood, Houdini's niece
November 2, 2004
Click this link to visit our Marie Blood page
where you can view a loving video tribute to Marie Blood...
Marie was a true friend and supporter of HoudiniTribute.com, and
we will miss her cheery notes and Christmas cards. We remain in
contact with her son Jeffrey Blood, grand-nephew of Houdini, for
all Houdini family updates.

We're your one-stop Houdini source!
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national publicity lately? !!!

WOW! - Thank you all for visiting and showing your
interest in Houdini!!

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Released by HoudiniTribute.com Fall 2004...
Large COLORIZED Houdini Escape Photos are now available for viewing!
See Houdini Escapes & Illusions for these photos colorized by HoudiniTribute.com's Bob King.

We've done it again!!!
The GHOST Of HOUDINI is HoudiniTriubte.com's original illusion where
an image of Houdini will appear in your very own mind!!! No kidding!!!
See Houdini Multimedia for this original illusion.

We have discounted PURCHASE INFORMATION for the
New Houdini Stamp which was unveiled in front of the Houdini
family, over 1,200 magicians and Houdini fans on July 3, 2002, in NYC.
David Copperfield dedicated the new Houdini stamp.
See Houdini News for image of stamp, purchase info and USPS link.

Look!! Information on purchasing high-quality,
certified replicas of Houdini family photos and
memorabilia directly from the Houdini Family.
See Houdini Memorabilia

We have it! Hear the Actual voice of Houdini!
See Houdini Multimedia

Read a Thesis on Houdini and Spiritualism
written by Daniel Hutchinson. Visit our Teachers and Students page.

Houdini Birthday Tribute on Sunday, March 24th, 2002
CBS Sunday News with Charles Osgood (tm)
featured several of our "colorized" photos from HoudiniTribute.com!
We worked closely with the news desk on this one ensuring they had
all of the good Houdini "stuff". Splendid job, CBS!

OUR LATEST FIND... - See Houdini Interview at age 30.

Looking to purchase some Houdini Memorabilia?

The History Channel has presented "History's Lost and Found"
One segment was on Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell and
features audio and photos from HoudiniTribute.com!!!
Watch for encore performances! ...and hold your breath!
See Houdini News

Rare Photos! See the fiery fate of Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell!
See Houdini News

For more on the Chinese Water Torture Cell
see Escapes & Illusions

To hear Houdini actually talking about his Chinese Water Torture Cell
see Houdini Multimedia

See Houdini Multimedia

From the horn-blowing department...
HoudiniTribute.com was featured in
"Entertainment Weekly" magazine and as
site-of-the-week in their on-line e-zine.
See Houdini News

Who knows Houdini? Take the Houdini Quiz!!!
Here's a Quick and Fun Quiz about Houdini!
See Houdini Quiz

It's here... See the recollections and remembrances of Houdini
as written by his late niece, Marie Hinson Blood. See Marie H. Blood

On the same note here's a comment left in our guest book
by Houdini's niece, several years before her passing in November 2004Marie H. Blood...

"Loved your Web Site about my Uncle Harry. It shows you
indeed have a sincere interest in keeping his memory
alive. I am Houdini's niece. He and Aunt Bess did not
have children. They loved having me with them whenever
they could. I love magic and enjoy talking about Houdini. MHB"

WHO FOOLED HOUDINI??? Everyone wants to know...
See Houdini News

It's Magic! Exclusive Photos and report on the
Magic Circle's Houdini Exhibit in London!
See Houdini News

Thanks to the late Marie H. Blood for the Houdini photos,
Jeff Blood and the Houdini Family for the Houdini First Day of Issue stamp set,
Doug Edwards for copies of several photos from his extensive collection,
Elliott for the Houdini grave photos,
Ginny Michaels for the Bess grave photo and map,
Walt Donohue for the Ladies Home Journal reprints,
Alan London for the sneak peek,
Ian McColl for the tricked lock,
Joe Savio for the TNT "Houdini" movie poster and
Louis P. Daniels for the invitation to attend "Houdini: The Musical".

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BELIEVE IT OR NOT - That haunting voice that says,
"Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Harry Houdini",
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larger audio file that you can hear elsewhere on this site!

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