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Is this the GHOST OF HOUDINI????
No, of course not, but you just might think so after you've viewed
this awsome HoudiniTribute.com original illusion created by Bob King.
Read all instructions first -
Click the link below, then, with your eyes about 12 inches away,
stare at the white circle nearest the middle of the image for 45 seconds,
then close your eyes and tip your head back a bit - keeping your
eyes closed for about 20 seconds - then wait to see if Houdini's
image slowly appears!!!!
Click to see the GHOST OF HOUDINI!!!

e-mail me Send me a quick email and let me know if you saw the "Ghost of Houdini"!!!

The following video clips are the first significant video
clips of Houdini anywhere on the internet. (no audio)
Need a free video player? See link at bottom of page.

Shackled Houdini Jumping into Seine River - 165k MPG
Houdini Escaping Strait Jacket - 680k MPG
Houdini Makes the First Airplane Flight in Australia - 381k MPG
Houdini Kisses Bess! - 49k MPG
Houdini's Funeral - 229k MPG
Houdini in Suspended Strait Jacket Escape - 259k MPG
Houdini Flipping Through Cards - 121k MPG
Houdini's Movie - Saving Woman From Niagara Falls - 122k MPG
Houdini's "The Grim Game" - Airplane crash - 185k MPG
Houdini's "The Grim Game" Fight - 52k MPG
Houdini Riding Double Decker Bus - 46k MPG
Houdini Makes Man "Disappear" - 94k MPG
Houdini with Magician Keller - 185k MPG
Houdini in Paris - 47k MPG
Houdini Talking - 61k MPG
Houdini "Hanging" - 78k AVI
Animation of Houdini - "King of Cards" - 359k GIF

Houdini Frozen in Block of Ice - Real Player
Houdini Frozen in Block of Ice - 787k MPG

Here's my kids (Bob King's) and a neighbor performing
"Masked Magician's" version of the Metamorphosis Illusion in front of about 500.

King Kids Perform Metamorphosis Illusion - 1.22MB MPG

The two Houdini audios below were originally recorded on two
wax Edison cylinders and are from the John Mulholland Library.
Houdini's voice in 1914 - first 13 sec 79k wav
Houdini's voice in 1914 - 80 sec 474k wav

Bess Houdini's voice in 1936 - 22 sec 174k wav

Houdini TV

Houdini Cam

Solve the Houdini Puzzle

Sunken Box Escape
Houdini Tunnel
Houdini Raindrops
Bridge Jump
Coming up for air
First to fly in Australia
3D Cube

Poster paraphrasing above Water Torture Cell Challenge
Newspaper ad paraphrasing above Water Torture Cell Challenge

Houdini Mind Trick 1
Houdini Mind Trick 2
This one is GREAT!
Houdini Mind Trick 3
NEW... This one is EVEN GREATER!
Houdini Mind Trick 4

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