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Harry and Bess Houdini (Beatrice Rahner, Jan 22, 1875 - Feb 11, 1943)
were married in July 1894, after a two week engagement.
They then started touring with the circus as
"The Houdini's."

Houdini's Enduring Fame

Why is Houdini as famous now as he was more than 75 years ago? Perhaps it was because he was a unique, talented and motivated magician. Perhaps it was because Houdini was a terrific showman and self-promoter. Or perhaps it was because Bess kept a full-time publicist on her payroll for sixteen years after her husband's death, just to keep the Houdini legend alive. She did a great job.
Bess Houdini - 1894
Bess Houdini - 1
Bess Houdini - 2
Next photo courtesy of David Ben and Derek Verner
Bess Houdini - signed to Dai (David) Vernon
Bess Houdini - Nov. 7, 1914, Hazlehurst, MS
Houdini and Bess - 1901
Performing as the Rahners - 1894
Houdini's with Welch Brothers Circus - 1896
Houdini, Bess and Houdini's mother Cecilia - 1907
Houdini, Bess and Houdini's mother Cecilia
Houdini and his mother - 1908 Rochester, NY
Houdini and Bess
Houdini and Bess - 1913
Houdini and Bess' Silver Anniversary - 1922 Los Angeles
Houdini, Bess and Houdini's mother
Houdini and Bess 1
Houdini and Bess 2
Houdini and Bess 3
Houdini and Bess 4
Houdini and Bess 5
Houdini and Bess 6
Houdini and Bess 7
Bess Standing by Car (middle)
Bess Houdini - older
Bess Houdini - quite old
Bess' Seance for Houdini - 1936
A Houdini and Bess Christmas Card

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